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2015 is off to a pretty amazing start here in our house, with lots of fun adventures, and lots of busy-ness!  I’ve already been off to one conference and had a weekend away, and Guillaume is gone this weekend to Atlanta for one for him!  My business is growing, his ministry is growing, our kids are growing… you get the picture!  And… I’m GRADUATING this year!! Woohoo!! So before we get too far into the year, I wanted to be honest, and vulnerable, and share my vision for and biggest goals for myself, our family, and this business for 2015!

Without being cliche or planning it, the list I sat down and typed has 15 things on it, and I want to share them with you!

1. Clean, Purge, and Stop Spending! Manage to run a consistently clean house, filled with only the essential, and meaningful things.  We have so much extra junk floating around in our house, and I think it’s a huge reason why we struggle with keeping things put away and clean.  (That’s a huge thing for me to be willing to say… I have a huge pride issue with keeping a clean house, and I make it spotless before someone shows up at my house, but on a day to day basis, it doesn’t stay that way, and that’s not the life I want to live!)  So purge the unnecessary, and live a simpler, more intentional life inside our house.  (It naturally follows from this that I need to cut out unnecessary shopping, and filling our house up with these pretty, but unnecessary items, so I’m considering a contentment challenge…)

2. Wake Up! For me, personally, I would love to be better about having a consistent morning routine.  I need time to get my day going before the kids wake up.  Time to drink a pot of tea, read my Bible, and get a little blogging and writing done.  And I have never been one to respond well to the alarm clock in the morning… This is probably my biggest personal goal for myself for this year!

3. Start using essential oils!  I’ve been talking about doing this for so long, I need to just place that order, do a little research, and go!

4. Blogging! Along the lines of the previous goal, one of my goals for 2015 is consistent, and frequent blogging.  I love to write, I love to pour my heart out on paper, and I love the business that I’m growing, I just need to be better about sharing it!

5. 6 new bridal clients.  This is one of my growth goals for the year!  My dream is to work with a bride that lets me create her wedding gown, and then a lingerie collection for her honeymoon (which leads into the next goal!) I want to know her from the beginning of her marriage, and form a relationship that will last well into her marriage, because marriage, and encouraging the growth and development of strong and beautiful marriages is a huge passion of mine!

6. 6 new lingerie clients!

7. A rebrand and a new website!  I have been “not in love” with my site for too long now…  And I can see my new brand so clearly in my mind, I just need to get it onto paper and screen!!

8. Marriage Mentoring! I would love to have the opportunity to mentor a couple going into marriage.  Our pre-marital counseling is one of my best engagement memories, the couple we worked with was amazing, and they helped us start our marriage with an incredibly strong foundation.  Since then, and every time I hear a couple struggling and having a rough time, I get this urge to take them to coffee, and sit down and chat and pray and help them work through it!

9. Business Mentoring! As I grow my business, I would love to work into the opportunity to mentor other small business owners.  I know I am not at a point professionally to offer this yet, but I want to be honest, and up front that this is a dream of mine, and whether or not I get there in 2015, I want to at least be working towards that!!

10. Portraits! We’re coming up on our 5th anniversary this year (woohoo!!) and I would love to book an anniversary/family portrait session to celebrate that.  I know this may be a weird list to put that on, having that as one of my official goals for 2015, but this is something that I’ve talked about doing for so long, and have never actually taken the time to make that dream happen, so here it is, in writing!  (And along with a portrait session, a little getaway would be pretty nice too!)  I didn’t end up designing my own wedding dress, but I would love to design something for this!

11. A Shop! Once I finish the rebrand process, I want to open up a small online shop with a few standard lingerie pieces for clients to order without going through the entire custom process.  Silk robes, tulle skirts, some sleepwear… things like that!

12.  A Lingerie Library and Events! I am in the process of developing a “lingerie rental library” with pieces for someone to rent if they’re doing a boudoir photoshoot (Read Wedneday’s post for an amazing boudoir photography experience!!).  It gives women an option in between paying the price for something custom, but not having to resort to something that every other woman could buy at Victoria’s Secret.  So, with the development of the library, my dream is to host at least two “events” of my own this year with the pieces, pairing with a photographer and a planner to offer a boutique type photoshoot experience where women can put together an album for a wedding gift, or anniversary present, or something like that!

p.s. One has already been planned!! Did you see yesterday’s Instagram invite?  More info coming to the blog on Monday!!

13. Cooking Natural! Cooking is a huge passion of mine, in case you didn’t know!  I love cooking from scratch, playing around with foods, and one of the best parts of my day is when Guillaume gets home and plays with the kids and I close myself in the kitchen and have time to myself to cook.  (The beauty of these vintage houses is that the kitchens have DOORS on them!)  I have a list of cookbooks I want to read this year, all along the lines of getting back to the basics of cooking, and cutting out all processed foods.  I would love to live a consistent farm-to-table lifestyle, with no processed foods, and everything from scratch.  Will I succeed 100%? Probably not!! But I would love to be able to do as much as I can towards this, for the beauty of the food, but also for the health of our family!  There’s so many things I think we could fix health-wise with just some simple diet changes!!  So books like, The Nourished Kitchen, The art of Fermentation, and Nourishing Traditions are high on my list for this year!!  We have a local farm where we can get most of our meat, and all our dairy products delivered to us weekly (how fun is that?!), and we already get a huge chunk of our meat from my dad’s hunting adventures and summer fishing in Alaska, so we’re well on our way to a good start, but I know there’s more to be done!

14.  Cooking French! Just to warn you, this one’s about food too.  And quite possibly the next one…  Like I said, it’s a passion!!  We were given a French cookbook as a wedding gift by an old college professor of mine, and I’ve used it over the years, but never really dove into it.  And then I found out this past summer, that this cookbook was actually a family tradition on my husband’s side.  It was given to his grandmother when she married, and then she passed it onto Guillaume’s mom when she was married, and she still has it and loves to cook out of it!  How sweet is that?! So my dream for this year is to cook through it, learning the art of French cooking and turning those recipes into regulars in our household, all the while applying the principles from the previously mentioned cookbooks!

15. A Family Cookbook Memoir! Last food one, I promise!  I want to journal/blog my way through this and begin to create a cookbook for our family that I can pass on to Piper one day.  All of our favorite recipes, our journey of learning how to cook from the basics, and our journey of cooking French!

So, in a nutshell, my dream for this year is intentionality.  Intentionality in my business to keep it growing, intentionality in our home to keep it a healthy and peaceful environment, and intentionality with our family, to be there, and be present, and do the things that matter most.  This isn’t on the above list, but I would love to live a life where social media is only used during specific times of the day, where it never comes between me and my marriage, and me and my children, so that I have the time to do the things like teach my daughter how to cook and write about it for her to have the memories later.

So, there you have it!  Help me stay accountable!!



p.s. Aren’t Shay Cochrane’s Stock Shop images always so stunning?!

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