Boss Ladies and Dreamers: The Hard Days

It was a long hard weekend and Monday…   Both kids and Guillaume were sick this weekend (it started Friday night with Eaden and my first thought was I am SO grateful our new car has leather seats because oh man would this be rough with cloth…), my to-do list was piled way too high, I’m in the middle of final papers before graduation, and I didn’t get my normal Saturday morning coffee-shop work and blog time which I’ve found is the only way to get my week off right with blogging and scheduling.  So, another week started with no Monday blog post, I was behind on orders needing to be shipped, and when I went to print my labels and care cards, the first printed blurry and the second printed in the wrong colors because the ink was low.  Not my day!  So as I sat here thinking about something to write, and trying to figure out how I was going to get through Tuesday, the things I’m grateful for started to pop into my head and I realized that’s what I need to share.  Because we all have hard days, that’s what this boss lady dream promises us… But it also promises us adventure, and dreams, and an amazing community to help us grow and succeed, and that makes all the Mondays like today worth it.

So, here we go!  These are the things that are making sure I’m smiling right now instead of still in the heap of tears I was in earlier yesterday afternoon…

For iced espresso with cream and double strollers, exhausted kiddos
and a teeny town with beautiful homes to walk by, even if the sidewalks are falling apart.

Friends who came up with an awesome way to make their own clothing labels, and then told me exactly how they did it, and offered to help, so that I could finish a last minute order without panicking.  (Shout out to Jr Baby Hatter, one of the sweetest families around and pursuing an amazing creative dream!)

A #tuesdaystogether meetup tonight that I couldn’t be more excited about!  I am loving the Community over Competition movement, it’s a breath of fresh air and exactly what I’ve been craving.

I’m grateful for business, and orders that are coming in, even when I’m feeling overwhelmed and not sure if I’ve got this…

For a dear friend with a huge front porch to sit on when the day is stressful, while my kids run around and get crazy dirty and laugh and learn to let ants crawl up and down their arms.

That Piper will only fall asleep if she has her Bible stories playing on audiobook, and when we snuggle together she tells me about them and the little details she remembers.  (like how God said don’t eat the fruit, but they were disobedient so he flicked their cheek…  I think she has God and mama mixed up a little!!)

For the clean apartment that I came home to after an afternoon walk and trip to the post office and park.  Guillaume picked everything up, cleaned the kitchen, and then vacuumed!

And I’m so grateful for the amazing friendships that being a boss lady in the creative community has brought me.  I wouldn’t be where I am without any of them!

I hope your Monday was better than mine, and I hope we all have a beautiful Tuesday!



p.s. Did you see the Pottery Barn giveaway on Instagram yesterday?!  It’s a big one… and it’s still going…  Hurry and check it out!

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