Boudoirathon | A Richmond, VA Styled Shoot with Custom Lingerie

There’s something so incredibly beautiful when someone is willing to take a chance on you!  When they say, hey, show me what you can do, I KNOW it will be amazing!  That’s the moment where some of the deepest friendships are formed, and the sweetest memories are made.  I’m still stunned, and honored, when someone reaches out to me and says that they would love for me to create their dress for them for their wedding day, or their lingerie for their honeymoon!!

I had one of the best “take a chance on you moments” ever a few months back when two girls who I had never met, got in touch with me asking me to design a few pieces for a styled shoot they were doing.  Kat, with Dear Sweetheart Events is a dear friend of mine, and she was styling the shoot for them, and when she heard it was lingerie, she suggested they reach out to me for a few custom pieces, instead of using something off the rack!  (I LOVE that girl!!) We started chatting, and turns out the shoot was so much more than just a styled boudoir shoot… These two girls, Annmarie and Jessica, were in the process of launching a new photography adventure, entitled “Boudoirathon”, a concept so fun I IMMEDIATELY fell in love!! In their own words, this is who they are:

Boudoirathon with Jessica and Annmarie is a boutique experience intended to empower women and instill confidence in them. By combining glamour, styling, and photography, Jessica and Annmarie highlight both the inner and outer beauty of their clients. Together, through a boudoir marathon, they provide women the experience of shedding vulnerability and expressing their most honest self.

 I LOVE this!! These girls travel around, and host two day long “Boudoirathon’s” shooting the girls in gorgeous hotel rooms, mainly in Massachusetts but they have the dream to be doing this all around the country! The girls are encouraged, empowered, and made to feel extraordinarily beautiful in their own skin.

The styled shoot they were putting together with Kat was for their website launch (and you can find a couple of the images from the shoot scattered around their gorgeous site!! ) and what started with asking for 2-3 pieces turned into an 11 piece collection that we all fell in love with!!  I can’t wait to show you all the stunning images, but for now, here’s a little peek and there’s more scattered throughout my instagram!  The girls are waiting to hear back on a blog submission before we can show you the rest!! (Woohoo!!!)

Putting this collection together stretched me like nothing else has, I learned so many things, and honestly, gained so much more confidence in myself! (It was like they were photographing me or something!!  These girls just have that effect…)

I am SO grateful that they were willing to take that chance on me, and trust me to create their vision for them, and I’m so grateful for friends like Kat who believe in the work I do and are willing to help put my name out there!  I had the amazing opportunity to meet Annmarie last week at Creative at Heart in Virginia, and she is just as sweet in person as she looks!!  I hope you have the opportunity to meet her one day too!

The shoot was at the gorgeous Paisley & Jade studios in Richmond, Virginia.  Kat with Dear Sweetheart Events did all the styling, Calligraphy was provided by Taylor Sites, (who also modeled!), Hair by Brianna Adams, Makeup by Nikki Benedikt, and Bonnie of B is for Bonnie Design shared a gorgeous gold foil print for the styling!

Katherine Bignon Sketches for Boudoirathon Styled Shoot

Floral Bralette and Tulle Skirt Custom Design by Katherine Bignon for Boudoirathon

Custom Floral Robe and Bustier for Boudoirathon by Katherine Bignon

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