Dear Brides & Wives: The Inspiration Couple


Our closest “married couple” friends have been married fifteen years longer than us, they have triple the children we have (soon only double though!  Woohoo for August!), and they’re a generation wiser than us.  But this hasn’t stopped the growth of a dear friendship that’s closer than anything I could have imagined.  But more than just friends, they have taught us so much about marriage and creating a relationship and a friendship and a family that will last a lifetime.  We stumbled on them a bit by accident, meeting at a mutual friend’s party and clicking instantly.  Now we live a five minute walk from each other, we see them at least weekly for shared meals, and when one of us is out of coffee or cream we show up at the other’s kitchen.  She helped me survive Piper’s birth (literally survive), she delivered Eaden on our bedroom floor when we couldn’t make it to the hospital (a year ago today!), and she asked me if I was pregnant with number three before I even had given the thought a second consideration.


We’ve grown this close because of how much they’ve inspired us, and how much they’ve taught us.  We love being with them because it’s a family that entrenched themselves in the values we share as well, and who committed themselves from the beginning of their marriage that this was a marriage that was going to work, there wasn’t any other option.  It’s easy to be with them because they understand what we’re going through at this five year mark of marriage, and we see what we have to look forward to at the twenty year mark.


We spent a few months while we were engaged going through the pre-marital counseling process that our church required.  We were partnered with a married couple, and met frequently to talk, and learn, and have someone to guide us and answer our questions.  That time was invaluable, and we’re still close with that couple, but as important as that was, this relationship we have now is ten times as important.


Pair yourself with a couple who inspires you to have a better marriage daily.  With someone you can look up to and learn from and ask the hard questions to.  Someone who will pray with you and help you through the hard moments, instead of simply hanging out and “husband-bashing” with you.  These are the relationships that will last a lifetime, and these are the ones that you want to last a lifetime, because they’ll help your marriage last a lifetime too.


We made a promise before we got married that there was no getting out.  We said our vows and made a promise that this was forever.  I have never once doubted that promise; I am head over heels in love with this man.  And I am so incredibly grateful for the support we feel from the community we’ve place around us, helping make sure we keep our promise.


xoxo, Katherine




Dear Brides & Wives is a series of letters, where I share my heart for marriage and my prayers for you as a wife, a bride, or a one-day bride.  Marriage is beautiful, and hard, and easy, and challenging, and sometimes it’s everything at once.  These letters are the moments that we’ve been through, and I hope that they can bless and encourage you even just a little, in whatever place your heart is in.  xoxo, Katherine

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