Family Getaway

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something  about hotel living that makes life seem more peaceful and relaxing, even in the midst of a crazy busy season!  We’re way up north this weekend, just outside of Niagara Falls, and staring at Canada across the river from our hotel window in Lewiston (seriously, my phone keeps telling me I’ve gone international and will be paying extra fees!).  My husband had a paper accepted at a conference up here (can we say super proud wife?!) and I’ve been begging him to take me to the falls since we got married, so here we are!  We packed up the kids, a ton of food, a bag of toys, about half of our winter gear, and all of my patternmaking supplies, and started the drive!  The only thing we forgot was our passports so I guess we won’t be venturing into Canada this time around… just means he’ll have to bring me back!
He’s been spending the days at the conference, while I’ve been able to enjoy the hotel with the kids (there’s a fireplace in our room for me and the kids are experiencing a tv in the bedroom for the first time!), work during naptimes and take bundled up chilly walks around this gorgeous little town when they wake up.  We’re right on the riverfront and when we went out to explore yesterday morning,  I discovered that we were standing on the spot that marked the end of the Underground Railroad!! What?!  This is where the escaped slaves crossed the river in tiny wooden rowboats to make it to freedom in Canada!  I had chills and had to take a moment to catch my breath!  (I don’t know if we’re going to homeschool our kids or not, but this was one of those moments that made me stop and think, I wish I could sit right here and teach my babies about the civil war, and human rights, and freedom, and the list goes on and on… too bad they’re barely two and six months… yet another reason to come back!)
I had a lovely afternoon yesterday browsing through an old bookshop filled with the most gorgeous books, owned by an old man who just wanted someone to listen to what he had to share.  I’m telling you friends, take the time to browse through old shops run by people who have seen the world and have stories to tell, and then ask them to share those stories with you and really listen, they’ll change your perspective and open your eyes!  And it’ll completely bless them in the process, they just want someone to listen!  I bought myself a couple amazing vintage etiquette and housekeeping books!  Ahhhh so excited!! I have a total weakness for all things vintage when it comes to the kitchen and home.  I can’t wait to dig into them and find all the little gems, like the secret recipe for getting rid of bed bugs and restoring the pile to old velvet!  Who knew?!  Yes I’m a bit of an “Emily Post’s Etiquette” nerd!
We’re off to see the Falls today and I’m ridiculously excited, like little girl giddy!!  I can’t wait to share pictures soon from our adventures, but what I truly wanted to share this morning was this, take the time in this busy season to say yes to making memories and being intentional about how you’re spending your time.  It’ll all pass by in an instant and suddenly it’ll be January and you’ll think where did the time go?!  Take the time to take a walk and see the colors with someone you love, to bake cookies with your babies, to read a book by candlelight.  Take a moment and take a deep breath and be thankful and grateful, and relax.  Choose to say yes to the people you love, instead of, “wait just a minute, I don’t have time just yet…”

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  1. Laury says:

    We sould meet in Fort Erie at my Parents in law, 15 minutes from Niagara Falls. We could give you a tour. David would love to see Guillaume again. :) Thanks for the postings. I love to read your blog

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