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If you’re an insta-friend you’ve seen me refer to Bebe JJ a lot this summer, as we near the end of the pregnancy (39 1/2 weeks already… crazy!!!) but I haven’t shared the full name, or gender for that matter yet and I realized I never shared why…

With Piper we found out her gender, named her, and shared with everybody.  With Eaden, we didn’t find out his gender, we had 4 name options and waited until we met him to decide.  With this baby, we went back to the finding the gender out option, and naming the baby, but we never shared, at least not on social media… so why?!

I loved finding out that Piper was a girl, sharing with everyone excitedly and planning every detail.  And when we got pregnant again, everyone was shocked that I didn’t want to find out the gender.  But there was something so special about the wait and the surprise, and the feeling that he was all mine and I didn’t have to share yet…  The pregnancy felt so intimate because noone knew him as well as me.  I know it’s like that whether you know the gender or not, but there was something about not knowing, and noone knowing, that made it seem all the more like he was only mine for those 9 months, and it was so special.  (Little disclaimer! Honestly, we almost gave in and found out his gender…  at the beginning I felt like I couldn’t connect with the pregnancy because I didn’t know his gender, but then suddenly that changed and I realized how special the not knowing was!  We kept a little piece of paper in our drawer that the sonogram technician had written the gender down on for 24 weeks without peeking… and I made sure it was still folded and slipped into our hospital bag to bring with us to make sure they had been right!)

When we found out that baby #3 was on the way, Guillaume really wanted to find out the gender this time, and I completely supported him, I wanted him to be as much a part of this as I could make him.  But there was also a part of me that felt like I was losing something by letting other people in on all the details.  So… I delayed the sonogram a bit until I was ready, and then we went together, held each other’s hands (and I cried a little :) and we “met” our [insert son/daughter!] together, went out to dinner just us two and savored the moments, decided the first name, and then decided that we would share with family and friends.  Just the people who knew us well enough to ask, but we would keep it private from social media until the baby was here.  We share so much of our lives, and I love that, I truly do!  I love sharing all the details of how we’re raising our babies, and the brand I’m creating, and all the little adventures we find ourselves on.  But there’s been something magical about keeping this just for us so far, at least for what may only be a few more days…

So thank you for waiting, thank you for your patience, and for those of you who do know what we’re having, thank you for being some of our nearest and dearest and for all your love and support!  We can’t wait to introduce you to…

p.s. we still haven’t decided on a middle name… oops!!

Katherine Bignon Maternity Portrait by Boudoirathon Jessica Ruth Annmarie Swift Katherine Bignon Maternity Portrait BW by Boudoirathon Jessica Ruth Annmarie Swift

Photos by the insanely talented ladies of Boudoirathon | Jessica Ruth & Annmarie Swift 

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  1. Meghan says:

    Love this and I feel the same way. We shared everything about our first and it was fun but almost more stressful.

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