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Last September, I flew down to Georgia to spend three days at a conference that I had no idea would be as life changing as it was.  I kissed my kids goodbye and got on the plane with a lacy white dress safely zipped into a garment bag for a styled shoot at the conference that I had reached out to the planners of on a whim, asking if I could participate.  The friendships that I made there are life long relationships that continue to inspire me and encourage me, and I cannot wait to head back down south this coming fall.  I met Katie there, she’s a Navy wife who had flown out from San Diego for the conference and she had just launched the Vows and Valor military wedding blog.  I was so happy to be able to meet up with her again when we spent a few days in San Diego last fall for a conference Guillaume was speaking at, and then I got a text from her a few weeks back asking if I might have a dress available… Vows and Valor was about to do their first styled shoot for the blog and they were looking for a blush wedding dress to complement the groom’s dress whites.  And thus began a hectic but oh-so-much-fun collaboration to get a dress out to San Diego almost immediately.  I love this girl, and I love everything about the blog and vision she’s running, so it was such a pleasure to participate.  Here’s a few sneak peeks of what I worked on, the full post is coming in May! (yay!!!)

A Blush Silk Wedding Dress with Ivory Lace by Katherine Bignon for a Vows and Valor Styled Shoot

For those of you who are new to this creative industry, just starting out and trying to find a way to get your name out there, don’t be afraid of participating in styled shoots!  Put a list together of your favorite established brands, the people in our industry who inspire you and who you would dream of working with, and then reach out to them, don’t be afraid!  Ask if they have any upcoming shoots that you can participate in.  If you’re a stationary designer, reach out to a wedding photographer you love and ask if they’re doing any styled shoots that you could create an invitation suite for.  If you’re a florist, a calligrapher, a cake designer, (anything really!), reach out to that planner, photographer, etc. that you love and who inspires you and ask if you can participate!  Maybe it won’t work out the first time around, but you’ll never know if you don’t reach out and take the first step to ask.  We work in an industry full of amazing woman with amazing hearts who would love to collaborate and dream with you, so don’t hesitate on whether you should send that email or not, just do!

xoxo, Katherine

A Blush Silk Wedding Dress with Ivory Lace by Katherine Bignon for a Vows and Valor Styled Shoot

A Blush Silk Wedding Dress with Ivory Lace by Katherine Bignon for a Vows and Valor Styled Shoot




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  1. Katie says:

    Katherine!! I love this so much and I am so incredibly grateful for your friendship!!! I can’t wait to work together more as our businesses grow!!!

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