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The moment I opened up the email and read the description of the styled shoot, I knew it was going to be perfect!  The theme, the details planned… I mean, I could sketch for hours on this one and still not run out of ideas!  A bohemian romance, outside, a teepee, a floral headband… Oh my goodness I’m already in love!! I can just see the bride’s long wavy hair and the dress floating wispily down to the ground.  I can literally SEE the dress already in my head, I LOVE it when everything just falls together like this! I can’t actually show you the dress just yet, but I’m bursting at the seams, so I promise it’s coming soon!  But I will share a few others from the suite of sketches I did for the project…  
I’ve been working on some of these sketch suites for brides and styled shoots lately, and I have a new one I’m hoping to finish up and get shipped soon this week.  I thought I’d take a minute to share a little about the process, while my head is all wrapped up in it!  I have 3 questions I look for answers to as I start to get to know a new bride and work on sketches for her:

     What are the top 3 words you would use to describe yourself.
     What are the top 3 words you would use to describe your dream wedding.
     And when you dream of your wedding day, when you imagine yourself walking down the aisle, how would you describe that       feeling that you anticipate?
From there, I take those words, and thoughts, and emotions and pick up my pencil and paint and start sketching until I feel they have become visual representations on my paper.  Until I feel like those emotions are a tangible object waiting to come to life and float off the page.  Then and only then do I stop, but that’s truly only the beginning.  
Each bride receives her package with 5-10 sketches in it, along with a little gift to sit down with and make the selection process something to truly savor and remember. It’s one of the most magical feelings ever to see your wedding dress for the first time, and wait in anticipation for when you get to step into it and it’s finally yours.  For all you married ladies out there, remember?!  And brides, and beautiful girls dreaming of your day one day to come, you have so much to look forward to!!
For now, I’m off to chase two adorable kiddos around the house, and take them to the beach for the day!  Aunt Courtney (my awesome sister!) is in town for a few days, so we’re showing her some of our favorite spots!  Last night was ice cream down on the boardwalk with the most incredible view of NYC you can find (New Jersey has it’s benefits!) and today is Fire Island, one of Guillaume and my sweetest memories, and where we snapped our save the date pic FIVE years ago! Holy moly time flies!!  I have a lighthouse obsession, and the black and white one on the island never gets old!  
If you’re interested in a dress consultation, or having a Sketch Suite done for you as you start to plan your beautiful wedding day, I’d love to chat!
Last week’s giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow morning, I promised Piper she gets to do the “drawing”, and we haven’t had a minute to yet :)
Have a lovely day, off to find the sun and sand and climb a lighthouse!

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